The Dream Country

October 10th, 2011

Injustice has been very clear in our society. Its presence are not difficult to spot. There are many poor people, yet the leaders are selfishly enjoy luxurious facility, funded by the nation’s wealth. The budget that is supposed to move economic wheel, was corrupted, stolen, to pursue individual desires.

However, I chose not to be pessimistic about this country’s future. I am confident, the gradual change that we are making now, will pay off later in the future. Don’t know whether I’ll still be alive to be able to see it. For sure, I’ll always be very happy, as long as my follow countrymen and women are happy, regardless, whether I can feel it or not.

Thus, starting this time, in this page, I will try to put some concepts and thoughts about our dream country. A country that is developed, modern, and peaceful. You (readers) are most welcome to send suggestion or put comments regarding this project. I will work on this page gradually. Here we go,,

Our Dream Country

As a Muslim and an educated person, I do really want the Islamic law be implemented in my country. I do believe that Islam is a set guidance for our life. This concept is not just a dream or an abstract concept. Islam civilization proved for more that 700 years that this concept is very good. It may sounds a bit scary for non-Muslim or even to Muslim itself. What I would say, don’t be afraid or worry that your life will be threatened with this law. Islam teach us that we may not force someone to be a Muslim and in fact, the law in Islam, which is prescribed by the almighty Allah, is one that can establish justice in this country.

Leadership and Political Aspect 

I am quite indifferent regarding the political system of our country. Be it democratic, semi-democratic, presidential, parliamentarian, or other options. All of these system some how works in different countries. Thus, the form of the political system might not be that matters.

In country setting, I think the basic or important concept is shared vision, productivity, and a delivered government. Thus a meritocracy system should be applied. The justification of certain person to be in a position should because of his/her competency, not because of his/her closeness to the higher officials. In another words, the monarchy system, where the leader is predetermined based on the generation or family line won’t be applied.

The leader should be the one chosen by the people. Again, he is chosen because of his capability (physical, spiritual, and intellectual).

Public Finance

Public finance, as an important part of a country should be based Islamic law. In term of revenue, the zakat will be applied. All types of zakat, either trade, income, agriculture, mining, etc. In term of spending, the ultimate frame work is that the spending should be effective and efficient, as Islam very oppose the waste (mubazir). One simple example is that the leader is not live extravagantly using the country’s money.

Social Life

As islam practiced as a way of life, thus harmony will be created as well as low income inequality. Islam is in the front line of proposing donation or we called it infak and sedekah.


A country where the creativity is encouraged and the government can provide a good synergy with the businesses. Government shouldn’t be the one who slow down the economic activity. The economy also should be based on knowledge. The extraction of natural resources should go through value added process.

The concept of quality over quantity should also be embraced. We are going nuts by cutting all of our forest just because we want more economic growth. We will not produce or consume things that aren’t necessary.

(to be continued,,)


One thought on “The Dream Country

  1. Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.. Menunggu lanjutan postingan ini.. Sering bertanya-tanya bagaimana islam bisa di implementasikan menjadi negara? Atau bukan itu tujuannya?!

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