Two years have passed

This month, two years ago, was my first time travelling to US, living and study there for one semester. That was a very memorable and life changing experience. I greatly thank Allah for that experience.

For that very first time, I saw how a developed country is: its great university, infrastructure, culture, etc. That very experience has also shaped my life until now. Everything has been arranged beautifully by Allah.

One thing that I keep reminding myself during that time was we need to build our country as good as this country. I dream of, aspire of great country such that one.

Through many discussion with friends, lectures, it is very clear that we need strong and capable leader which can set up a good system. Along with that, we need more nationalistic young (minded) people to contribute and stand by on this aspiration. During one past year, I’ve met quite a lot of educated and capable Indonesians. I do really hope can work together with all of them in advancing this country’s development later.

As for my role now, I will always try to maximize any opportunity that I have to make sure that my self is capable and can contribute greatly to Indonesia later. This past one year has been very impact-full and eye opening for me. The opportunity to interact with great minds around the world, visiting world main cities, and many other opportunities.

Lastly, I should thank Allah for great leader that Allah gave to Indonesia now. I often pray to Allah that these leaders always get guidance from Allah. May Allah always helps and guides us all. Kita harus yakin, kita akan sampai di sana.


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