Get to Know with My Own Country

Alhamdulillahirabbil ‘alamin,,

All thanks to Allah who gave us this life, who always guide us and has been very merciful to us, regardless whether we’re grateful to Him or not.

I am so grateful to Allah who gave me a chance to participate in a very eye-opening and great project. This project is a project from one of research institutes in my university. They want to create a report of Indonesia’s provincial competitiveness index. As a research associate or research assistant, I conduct interview with several top level provincial government, such as from Bappeda, Sekda, Disperindag, and BKPMD. So far, this project has brought me to see some part of Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Makassar, Kendari (Southeast Sulawesi), Denpasar (Bali), Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara), Mamuju (West Sulawesi), and Ternate (North Maluku).

There are quite a lot of lessons that I got during this project. Some of them I would like to share it with you.

First, the basic one, now I am fully aware, how big Indonesia is =). I think from Aceh to Papua, it will take around 8 hours flight, more than enough to travel to Tokyo from Jakarta (which passes through so many countries). Besides, I can also witnessed, that our country is just so beautiful, both its people and its scenery. I am touched with the sincere or pure intention of Indonesians that I met in Kendari, Kupang, Ternate, and moreover in Denpasar. They’re just so nice.

Secondly, I understood that quite many of our government officials in provincial government are still lack in capability. Most of them can’t give a clear and structured answer to my questions which are much related with their own provincial economic development and their province’s vision. Furthermore, from the interview, I also understood that the quality of our regency’s or city’s governments is even worse. With this fact in mind, I am very sad that it is very understandable that our development level is still very low.

Thirdly, it became clearer for me that there is lack of regulation in our country. Many foreigners built resort in an island as it is their own island, without thorough oversight from our government. I also understand from the interview that there are quite many things that can’t be done by local government because central government haven’t created the regulation, for example in preventing export of ore mining after one of minister’s regulation.

Fourthly, I am very sad to see many street children in the provinces. I believe many of them are very smart; it’s just that they cannot get the chance to get a quality education. From my interaction with the local Indonesian, I can see that they are very hardworking and very sincere. It really touches my heart. I promised myself that I’ll to make them able to receive their right as Indonesian after this.

Fifthly, all of the things above make me swear that I’ll do my best to make Indonesia as a developed country and I swear that I’ll expel all of those ‘bastard’ foreigners who are just sucking Indonesia’s wealth. Many of them are just taking Indonesia’s soil (ore) then bring it back to their country, without we know the content of that soil (Nickel, Gold, etc.). I swear that I’ll expel them, unless they bring more benefit to Indonesia. It is so clear that they are bribing government officials (who are also very greedy) and then suck Indonesia’s wealth. I also promise myself that when I am in leader position later in this country, I will really deal harshly to any government officials who received bribe from those companies.

Lastly, again, I want to thank Allah for everything that He has given to me. He is the one who always protects, guides, and strengthens me. Allah, please make me, my family, and my friends become someone who is always remember, thank, and worship You.

Allah, please also always guides us to be someone great, someone that can bring impactful benefits to people in this country, and to people around the world.


2 thoughts on “Get to Know with My Own Country

  1. May Allah grant your wish, Rully! 🙂
    Nice posting, anyway! 😀 You gotta travel more to other ‘alienated’ parts of our beloved Indonesia, and just witness their real ‘beauty’. 🙂

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