Effort and Pray

What are the things that we have to do in order  improving our capabilities? For me, nothing else except effort and pray. This two things like a two side of coin, can’t be separated.  Don’t ever dream that we can be a great person without a big effort, and also don’t ever confident that you will be an amazing person without permission or willingness of Gods.

In our daily life maybe we can see a lot of succes people which do not believe in God. If we take a deeper look, they are not happy, because the eternal happy is only when we close to God and can be benefitful for the society.

Based on this uderstanding, I’ll always  perform my best effort and make my own sefl closer with God. At the mean time, I’ll always try to make people arround me realize and do the same even better thing.

Rully Prassetya

David Eccles School of Business University of Utah, USA


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